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Not important but mildly interesting

About Michael Foot. He was the son of an MP (one knighted for having been so) and his brothers all did well:

Foot\’s father, Isaac Foot, was a solicitor and founder of the Plymouth law firm, Foot and Bowden (which merged with another firm to become Foot Anstey). Isaac Foot was an active member of the Liberal Party and was Liberal Member of Parliament for Bodmin in Cornwall 1922–1924 and 1929–1935 and a Lord Mayor of Plymouth.[2]

Michael Foot\’s brothers were Sir Dingle Foot MP, the Liberal politician Lord Foot (previously John Foot) and Lord Caradon (previously Hugh Foot), a Governor of Cyprus and a former representative of the United Kingdom at the United Nations from 1964-1970, whose son was the campaigning journalist Paul Foot.

I knew of the relationship with Paul Foot but not of the rest of it.

For some strange reason I had thought that Michael Foot was a great deal more proletarian than that. Now that I\’ve seen that background his views rather fall into place: South West, Methodism, Liberal Party antecedents….

4 thoughts on “Not important but mildly interesting”

  1. I wish I could remember who it was who pointed out, when John Foot was made a peer in 1967, that both Houses of Parliament now had two left Feet.

  2. I gather that the whole family was rather driven – legend has it that the sisters made the brothers’ beds so that they would have more time to study. In fact, it seems to me that they were all so successful that Michael scarcely stands out.

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  4. Michael Foot once said his wish before he died was to see Plymouth Argyle in the premiership, and he listed in the squadlist in programmes (no. 90 I think).

    When Paul died his coffin was draped in an Argyle scalf and the hammer and sickle.

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