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Research by the Fawcett Society has found that women working full time earn, on average, 17% less than men: 83p per male pound.

Not only is that unfair, it is illegal.

Bit of a blunder really, eh?

For a start, the law says absolutely nothing at all about the legality or not of a difference in average wages. It\’s about a difference in specific wages for a specific job based solely upon gender (and under some definitions about \”equal pay for jobs of equal value\”).

Secondly, once you add in the differences in years in workforce, hours at work, levels of education, levels of human capital, choices between flexibility and wages and choices about jobs and careers to pursue then there\’s actually none (or at worst, very little) of the gender pay gap which remains to be explained by discrimination.

Now there is indeed a social attitude that underlies all of this. The expectation that when children arrive (if they do) that it will be the women who take the time off not just to have them but to raise them. One can shout and holler about this as much as you like but it is pretty embedded in our society. And it\’s that which leads to almost all of the other things listed above which then leads to the 17% average gap.

It just ain\’t taste discrimination any more. It\’s how households divide their labour which is causing it.

Sad day when the editorial of a national newspaper can pump out lies from a pressure group, eh?

Decent day though when you see the comments. Some 50% of them as I write are calling out the newspaper on that error. The newspaper reading public seems better informed than those who write newspapers.

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  1. Ah, but it is “The Grauniad”… It seems frequently to apply the old tabloid adage of “never let the facts get in the way of a good story”.

  2. I do give some faint praise to the idiot commies at the Guardian for allowing fairly highly critical comments, unlike that tight-ass Murphy.

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