Oh, well done Sirs, well done!

There\’s a PR Agency just hugging themselves with glee today. Ugg Boots have got themselves a bargain:

HEALTH experts have blasted cheap Ugg boots as disastrous and warn they are harming the feet of a generation of young women.

Hey, it may even be true but what a glorious thing to get into the newspapers.

Don\’t buy the cheap knockoffs, only the full price brand. For the cheapies will cripple you.

All for the price of a few thousand in a research grant and sending a few emails around the papers.

Dunno who the agency is but they\’ve just played a blinder.

2 thoughts on “Oh, well done Sirs, well done!”

  1. Don’t they only get worn when the weather is very cold and dry (at least, that was the case in Russia)? Which is hardly likely to affect a generation of British women, is it? And what does tottering about in high-heels from age15 do for one’s feet?

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