On Samantha Cameron\’s pregnancy


So, err, you can look like this and still have sex?

With a fertile woman?

Truly the modern world is a wondrous place.

7 thoughts on “On Samantha Cameron\’s pregnancy”

  1. I think in less modern times and places, even gargoules could get to have sex with fertile women. 500 years back, he would have had access to a lot more.

    As women have gained power, their choices have increased.

  2. Hands up all those who think it’s a complete coincidence that’s she’s pregnant just a few weeks before a General Election.

  3. Formertory

    There was probably a rumour in Westminster over the Christmas hols that Brown was gearing up for his annual orgasm to attempt another impregnation of his in-house PR advisor. Dave’s response was to offer the country yet another Labour policy.

  4. @Former tory, my first thoughts as well, followed by
    ‘Practicising what he’ll be doing to the country’.

    So it’s time to recycle old jokes about

    What do politicians/accountants/lawyers/todays target use for contraception?

    Their personalities.

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