On the glory of capitalism Part Umpty X

Some details of Kim Jong-Il\’s lifestyle:

Mr Kim said the North Korean leaders had dozens of villas, some of which were built underground, that were stuffed with chandeliers, silk wallpaper and expensive furniture. He said some of the villas were equipped with special ventilation systems in case of a nuclear attack.

He said Kim Il-sung would \”only eat foreign food\”. He added: \”In Vienna, there was a special attache, a friend of mine, who only procured special foreign food for the dictator.\” Troupes of chefs would be sent from North Korea to Austria to study how to cook.

\”\’Learn everything!\’ that\’s what they were told,\” revealed Mr Kim \”The crazy dictators heard rumours that Austrian cuisine was world famous and that\’s why they wanted (the cooks) to come here.\” He also said that despite public denunciations of Western imperialism and decadent culture, the ruling family has an extensive car collection including models from Mercedes, Fords, Cadillacs and Lincolns. A special Romanian secret service contact helped procure hunting rifles and even a light Cessna aeroplane. Other devices that made their way to Pyongyang included heartbeat monitors that could detect people hiding behind walls and gold-plated pistols.

To get that he has to enslave 24 million people and cream everything except the most basic subsistence lifestyle off the top of their efforts. Sometimes, not even that, millions having starved in that poor benighted country.

To gain a lifestyle of foreign food, villas and expensive furniture and a car collection.

The sort of lifestyle that can be gained through a moderately successful internet start up in our own culture. He\’s not got, in material terms, anything there that Martha Lane Fox can\’t buy on the back of offering us cheap last minute hotel rooms and holidays.

Start from the assumption that there really are greedy bastards out there who would scramble over the bodies of the starving to gain physical luxury (a near random reading of history will show that every culture and age has had a surfeit of those). Which system would you prefer? One where they gain such at our expense or one where they have to offer us something we value for it?

Thank God for capitalism I say……

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  1. Philip Scott Thomas

    …heartbeat monitors that could detect people hiding behind… gold-plated pistols.

    How’s that editorial outsourcing working?

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