Reform of the House of Lords

Hmm. Not that I approve of course.

But I\’m off to make sure my UKIP membership is up to date…..for any form of PR is near certain to elect some UKIP \”senators\”.

2 thoughts on “Reform of the House of Lords”

  1. The biggest problem with this is that it looks like Labour intend to play politics with the issue. Any Conservative opposition will be painted as ‘those Tory toffs who think Lords are better than anyone’.

  2. To which the Tories will simply reply- thats what you said in ’97, and all you actually did was stuff the Lords with your cronies. Add in some proposals of their own- and it’ll carry no weight at all.
    I rather fear we’ll be stuck with a party list system, and holding the elections to coincide with a commons election will accentuate the dominance of unelected party hierarchies.

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