Reportage on Sunny Hundal

At Takimag again:

There is “Liberal Conspiracy”, which has a proudly defensive ring, as if the group’s Sunny Hundal was endangering his life or liberty in the cause of greater liberalism.

Best thing in the conference though:

There was an unfortunate occurrence when a man was ejected for asking the Sinn Féin speaker whether party leader Gerry Adams would be arrested for being an accessory to child abuse

4 thoughts on “Reportage on Sunny Hundal”

  1. “There is ‘Love Music, Hate Racism’ (as though these unrelated activities were inextricably conjoined – like, say, Eat Sausages, Treat Eczema).”


  2. Sunny Hundal has flown off to south-east asia for a holiday. When he gets back he’ll carry on where he left off, rebuking us for our carbon footprints. He’s a fan of Plane Stupid too.

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