Ritchie, Ritchie….

The UK has £28 billion of unpaid tax debt. I estimate tax avoidance (legal but unacceptable abuse of tax law) to run at £25 billion a year and tax evasion (fraudulent law-breaking) at £70 billion. Tackling these issues could close the fiscal deficit.

The joy of this is that he doesn\’t even realise that he\’s just proved that tax rates don\’t need to rise.

13 thoughts on “Ritchie, Ritchie….”

  1. legal but unacceptable abuse of tax law

    Unacceptable to whom?

    As I endlessly point out, the tax codes are written by intelligent people in the Treasury, they are then scrutinised by other supposedly intelligent people in parliament*. Only then do those codes enter law.

    So I ask once again, to whom, exactly, is ab[sic]use of the tax laws “unacceptable”?

    *Whatever other failings it may have revealled, the expenses scandal has shown that MPs have a much better than average understanding of the tax laws.

  2. If I had been one of Ritchie’s clients I would be starting to wonder if he had done all he could to reduce my tax bill and I would be seriously considering getting in another tax consultant to check his work.

  3. Simpleton – I asked the great man just this question. He assured me that all his clients paid “the right amount of tax”…as if there is any such thing

  4. I sense the germ of a business plan…a poster of Murphy’s smug face…

    “Were you ever given tax advice by this man…?”

    The money it should be possible to rake in for anyone with up-to-date knowledge of UK tax

  5. guys…check out fcablog….it seems to be yet another source of criticism of the timeless stupidity of Richard Murphy

  6. It’s almost enough to make you believe in despotism: so much less hassle to simply round up these people and have them shot.

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