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Underlying the dispute, of course, is a series of corporate failures under Walsh\’s stewardship, the impact of recession and the threat from low-cost airlines that have led the way in driving down labour costs and standards across the industry. That BA cabin crew should be condemned for attempting to halt the race to the bottom and negotiate a better way out of the crisis simply reflects the corporate prism through which all economic and business issues are now debated in the public mainstream.

No, it\’s not the corporate prism. It\’s the consumerist prism.

People like cheap air travel. They\’re not all that keen on expensive air travel. They\’re willing to give up a certain amount of pampering to get the cheapness. Thus an airline based on expensive pampering loses business to those who cut it out.

This is all about what the consumer is willing to pay for. And don\’t forget, the purpose of all production is consumption, not the well being of the producer. If the conusmer ain\’t willing to pay for a certain pattern of production then there is no justification at all for insisting that that pattern remain.

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  1. Exactly so.

    Most people are willing to sacrifice the frills on a two hour flight for a half price fare. And in the long distance economy market, where those frills do make a real difference to the quality of your flying experience, the difference in price really begins to kick in and makes it very tempting to undergo some hardship to get to your destination for a couple of hundred quid less. So basically the consumer wins either way, because he has a choice.

    And let us not forget that cheap travel has, quite literally, revolutionised the lives of the working class in this country. But Seumas, being relatively posh and well off, doesn’t actually give a shit about them. Not quite the sort of revolution he had in mind.

  2. If Seamus had had his way back in his youth we’d all be flying the UK arm of the old Aeroflot: all the comfort of a military transport without the organisation.

  3. Seumas *does* give a shit about the poor – well, at least in the sense that he doesn’t want them all to be able to afford to go to Tuscany and spoiling his holiday

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