Something about this rings a bell….

But it soon became clear that James had a strong ideological agenda that was at odds with the deeply held beliefs of most Englishmen of all political persuasions.  James’s rough actions belied his smooth words about tolerance.  He embarked on an aggressive campaign to remake England along continental lines, a campaign that attacked deeply held convictions in England about the relation between government and the governed.  Rather than being an empathetic man in touch with the sentiments of the country, as most had believed, he proved to be a haughty, headstrong, and stubborn one intent on bending the country to his will, and damn quickly.

The end result was that we kicked him out in 1688.

So what are we going to do about the people trying the same thing now?

6 thoughts on “Something about this rings a bell….”

  1. Until our dictatorial party leaders are replaced by ones that will allow the people to express an opinion- then nothing.

    Or did you have a more “robust” response in mind?

  2. As I may have noted previously (and as I’m sure Tim is aware), “we” can directly do absolutely nothing about the EU. We have no input into the decision process because the people we elect have none either.

  3. The EU, Brown, Statists/Socialists/Authoritarians in general.

    The EU would be less of a problem if we were not infested with self-loathing, Fabian Fifth Columnists.

    The Enemy is within the gates, poisoning our wells, undermining our walls and manning the battlements with guns pointing inwards. At some point it becomes not a fortress or safe haven but a prison.

  4. Perhaps my memory is playing tricks, but I thought that a large European army and navy kicked him out. No?

  5. ‘We’ didn’t kick him out. James was te victim of a coup d’ etat led by a group who became known as ‘The Immortal Seven’.

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