The new movie

Via Obo:

Double Entry Man
Calculator Boy
Wonder Auditing Woman
The Cash Book Kid
Invoice Reconciliation Girl

All are ready to battle the dreaded Evil Bankers, who The Justice League OF Accountancy vow will never again be able to bring the world to the verge edge of financial ruin in their power-lust for ever-larger bonuses!

With the Justice League of Accountancy on guard against the rapacious Hedge-fund managers the world is safe once more.

But for how long?

What financial malfeasance is now being planned on the secret island tax-shelters where the world’s evil financial barons plan and plot together to cause a collapse in world share prices, destroy interest rates and bankrupt some once-famous High Street shops.

Armed only with their secret accountancy powers, a super-human knowledge of the tax laws and several spare batteries for their calculators, The Justice League Of Accountancy go into the ultimate auditing battle, to undertake the greatest feat of accountancy the world has ever known.

Script by you know who.

2 thoughts on “The new movie”

  1. There is an obvious agenda here. It was the bankers fault, nothing to do with us gov. Everything would be wonderful if it wasn’t for eevil bankers and their bonuses. Vote for us (again) and we will make them pay (in every sense of the word) And then everything will be wonderful again. Sadly the (so called) opposition have joined in so that nobody is even thinking about the real problem. Sure, the bankers drove the car too fast, but the accident happened because the Labour government had dismanteld the steering, the clutch and the brakes.

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