Those Australians at The Telegraph

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the condition is the darkness in an animal’s skin, feathers, or fur is acquired by populations living in an industrial region where the environment is soot-darkened. It can be gene related

It does, however, mean that the probability that its members will survive and reproduce is enhance.

The condition evolves over the course of several generations.

But due to being lighter in colour, they become more conspicuous to predators.

It\’s just about possible to work out what they mean there. But it is, umm, garbled, isn\’t it?

It\’s not just the language that\’s garbled either. The argument is as well.

For this they fired a bloke I\’ve known for 30 years?

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  1. You’ve also got to wonder, given recent exchange movements, whether it’s even a profitable call for the Weird Twins. The jobs I’m looking at here now pay 20% more in GBP terms than they did when I was planning to move out six months ago – and the GBP/AUD rate was a long way from its recent peak even then…

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