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At Takimag.

On the advantages of temple prostitution, the use of sex as a form of worship.

Agape, that good natured Christian love of all is all very well in its place but there’s no reason to posit a Sky Fairy as a reason to practice it. Nor to purchase Cadillacs, fine houses, and private jets for those who take our money for scaring us into doing so. And the advantage of worshipping Eros is that we know he actually exists: he exists in every boner and damp gusset on the planet.

5 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Oh, right. Is the ALPB’s “Forum Letter” really a blog? Yes, okay, it was reposted on firstthings.com but …

    I’d not that the tackymag (sorry) formatting doesn’t make it clear that the quote is a quote – it is just a simple tag – no blockquote tag or cite element, not even some English quotation marks.

    And, the way I read it first, I was initially posting to ask you which blogger was as fat and rich as Falwell!

  2. Surreptitious Evil, with all these typos, I wonder if you’re having trouble with your thumbs. Possibly genetic?

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