Timmy Elsewhere

At the ASI.

On the great flying banana.

Thanks to Dave VX for the original idea.

3 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Tim

    I suspect you are decending into normative analysis here. Just because you do not like some Arts Council funded things does not aut0matically mean that the funding should be cut off. This arty stuff is a complex echo-system that probably drives considerable invisible earnings for the UK economy and adds to the utility of the native population as well. To discourage some marginal activities by destroying the whole shrub is not necessarily the best approach….and doing it on narrowly moralistic grounds rather than objective grounds is surely against your deepest beliefs.

  2. I don’t like anything the Arts Council funds, including the stuff I would otherwise like. Somehow art was produced before tax payers were fleeced for it, and I suspect that art would continue to be produced without tax payers having more money stolen from them.

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