Weirdly, I was just pondering this

Odd things do cross what masquerades as my mind. I was just thinking that, if tax and duty on fags keeps going up then, well, how is it charged? Per fag? So, why not just make larger fags? Same duty on them and the baccy costs are minimal so the smoker will see them possibly as a much better deal.

Seems that The Treasury has already thought of this one:

From January 1 next year, every additional 3cm, or part thereof, beyond this length will be treated as another cigarette. This means that an 11cm cigarette will be treated as two cigarettes, while a 12cm cigarette will be counted as three.

The Treasury said the move was \”a technical change\” targeted at tax avoidance.

My assumptions is that someone had already tried this tactic. Noting that \”superkings\” sell well in the budget market, why not make \”super superkings\” and the Treasury is moving to block this off.

So, how long before we see fatter cigarettes?

8 thoughts on “Weirdly, I was just pondering this”

  1. Camel does have “Camel Wides” which are, IMHO, not bad. Should the duty continue to rise they will be able to resurrect their old tagger, “I’d walk a mile for a Camel”…..

  2. I recall that one company attempted to get round this by having a [tobacco/filter :perforation: filter/tobacco] cigarette. Sadly, HMCE was not amused and insisted on charging each one as two cigs.

  3. Taiwanese law used to (and possibly still does) state that travellers entering the country were permitted “one bottle” of duty free alcoholic drinks. This explains the truly monstrous (5 litres or so) bottles of Scotch Whisky available in Asian duty free shops.

  4. And what about those slimline girlie fags? The ones about the diameter of a drinking straw but four inches long.

    I’m against taxes at the best of times but if I was going to impose this sort of thing I’d have thought a more sensible way to do things would be by weight – X p per ounce of baccie.

    After all, the intention, supposedly, is to reduce the amount of tobacco smoked. Isn’t it?

  5. Falco’s right – the company in question was Death Cigarettes, which was sadly put out of business by the major tobacco companies (who forced their main wholesalers to boycott Death’s product, because they thought it was letting the side down – both among the non-hipster public and more importantly among regulators – by admitting Of Course It’s Bloody Fatal, That’s Why It’s Cool).

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