Welcome back Sunny!

Sunny Hundal\’s back in town. His first post contains this:

Liddle doesn’t believe in free speech – he simply believes in his right to say what he wants

13 thoughts on “Welcome back Sunny!”

  1. Sorry, who’s being thick here? Let me add some stars:

    Liddle doesn’t believe in free speech – he simply believes in *his* right to say what he wants

    I don’t know if it’s true, but the allegation is perfectly meaningful.

  2. Exactly Larry, Lidle should be free to say what he likes, but anyone who criticises him or what he says is attacking his right to free speech.

    Which is palpably bollocks.

  3. I quite like Liddle’s journalism but I draw the line at attacking pregnant women. And the way he blames that on Roy Jenkins, rather than himself.

  4. @6 it’s not even that – Sunny makes clear that Liddle *threatened him with legal action* when Sunny tried to exercise his own right to free speech.

    This makes Sunny’s sentence completely correct, Liddle a hypocrite, and JuliaM an idiot. Shocks, horrors, etc.

  5. Contra-WorstallTrolls, there’s nothing incoherent in Sunny’s statement.

    If RL held a steadfast commitment to free speech, he would desire not just that he say whatever he wants, but that everybody else be able to say whatever they want as well.

    Yey Sunny’s entire point is that RL does not want everybody else to be able to say whatever they want – witness various internet hijinks over the past few months.

    When RL says “I believe in free speech”, Sunny is quite correct to point out that this is bullshit designed to cover-up the fact that RL is wholly self-interested but attempting to cover that self-interest with the gloss of free-speech defences.

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