Well, yes….

The problem occurred when a government committee which governs the use of computerised 999 software allocated a lower priority to falls of 6ft or more than had been recommended by the system’s makers.

As a result, the automated system instructed call handlers to class such calls as category B even if the person was also unconscious or breathing abnormally – life-threatening conditions which should have had the most urgent response.

As has been said (and I\’m mutilating a much pithier half remembered point) the collective IQ of a committee falls as members are added. Take such decisions by committee and some such decisions will be like this: wrong.

2 thoughts on “Well, yes….”

  1. More to the point, why are we allowing a system that replaces the judgement of the call takers with an automated tick-the-boxes computer assessment in the first place?

  2. Never mind the absolute reliance placed on the the ability of casual bystanders to estimate the height of the fall.

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