Well, yes and no

The Trust, which looks after 200 gardens and collections of plants built up over hundreds of years, said temperature rise could result in gardens more like those found in Portugal with date palms, olive trees and even banana plants.

Well, sorta:

If the temperature goes up by 4C or more than the picture becomes even more extreme with gravel replacing the lawn surrounded by citrus plants, passion flowers and cacti.

Traditional orchards would be replaced by nectarines, oranges and even banana plants.

You can certainly grow banana plants here in SW Portugal….but you need a very special micro-climate for them to actually fruit (I know they\’re not a fruit, they\’re an herb). One little valley about 5 miles away it\’s possible but in general along the Algarve you\’d just get the tree (herb).

2 thoughts on “Well, yes and no”

  1. You can grow bananas in Ayrshire too – I’ve seen them fruiting in the open air.

    But maybe not commercially, they were rather small.

    Who seriously expects a 4C rise in temperature anyway? These people are fantasists. And desperate too; they see their power and money draining away once more people see through all this nonsense.

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