What is this woman on?

James Bulger\’s killer Jon Venables proves vengeance does not work. Now it\’s time for mercy

Mary Riddell.

Look at what actually happened to Jon Venables.

Horrific crime, trial, sentence, yes. Was he then thrown in a cell and the key chucked away? No, actually, he wasn\’t.

He had the best education and upbringing the State could provide (we might argue about how good that was but….). He was released as he became an adult.

Whatever this was it wasn\’t vengeance. So the outcome of the process proves nothing at all about vengeance and it\’s workingness or not workingness.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Actually this would have been a good chance to test the theory. We could have left Venables in the system to get the best rehabilitation money could buy. And the other one we could have locked away forever pending his execution at the slightest excuse.

    Then we could have seen who had the lower re-offending rate.

  2. Mary Ridiculous is one of the two reasons I returned my DT vouchers for a refund last week. I’d rather read nothing than her insane warblings about how wonderful a certain G Brown is, or Heffer bilious crap about “the boy Dave” and “Little George”.

    So far, I’ve replaced the DT with a book about poetry, the film Crossroads (great Ry Cooder guitar-work), Attenborough’s Secret Life of Plants, and other valuable stuff. All the news and comment I need I get here and on the internet. Bliss.

    Alan Douglas

  3. Julia,

    Something like that, though my prefered use would be as a target down at the range.


    Not at all. The two names were merely examples. I’m sure between us we can come up with many more names to ensure my range remains well stocked with targets. Indeed, we can probably find enough to ensure you could get some trigger time in too 🙂

  4. From what I have read, he has started deliberately identifying himself to the other prisoners, now that he is back inside. In a way, that’s not surprising. He actually has the criminal justice system over a barrel, and he knows it.

    By committing that murder when he was just a kid, he has unwittingly obtained a cloak of secrecy over all the crimes he has committed, and has yet to commit, as an adult. If his picture ever appears in the press, he will be identifiably Jon Venables whatever his name now is.

    He is an adult now. It’s time the system told him he is on his own. No new identities. No more secrecy.

  5. Tim,

    The saloon bar thugs who would have Venables set adrift under his own name should consider this – would Jon Venables be able to get a fair trial for peeing in the street if the jury knew he was Jon Venables? Unlikely. This is one case that should be left to the experts, not the people.

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