Why am I not surprised?

The number of independent schools judged to have breeched minimum standards set by the Government has trebled, new figures have revealed.

It\’s \”breached\”….we\’re talking about breaking, not giving birth. But examples of those rules being broken?

School cooks have not been formally trained in child protection.

Pupils and parents had not been supplied with details about how to complain to Ofsted about the school.

Parents were not made aware that they can request sight of a copy of the school\’s plan to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 2002.

Hang them, hang them all.

9 thoughts on “Why am I not surprised?”

  1. My personal favourite was:

    “Children have “not been taught how to play appropriately” because at break and lunchtimes they “often run around the small area shouting and letting off steam”.”


  2. I was about to write the same comment, Julia. Hanging’s too good for them. A bit of MI5-sponsored torture first.

    The anarchist in me wants Labour to win another five years. The breakdown of society and the civil unrest and violence would be most interesting to observe. From afar.

  3. I clearly cannot play properly, asafter reading this I ran around shouting in a small area.

    Added to that I must be suffering from the effects of Meow Meow, as I now have nose bleeds, grinding teeth and bursts of rage.

  4. Hey, Kay, can you tell me how to get a visa for “afar”?

    Timk adds: Afar is a region of Somalia I believe. Not convinced that visas are required for that country….or that there is a government to get one from.

  5. “Afar is a region of Somalia I believe. ”

    If you’re going to be a pendant, you’ve got to be right. It’s Ethiopia. As in Australopithecus Afarensis, first discovered in the Afar region.

  6. Ethiopia, Tim. To a first approximation, it’s where we’re all from, though it’s gone downhill a bit since it served as the Garden of Eden. However, the areas of palaeoarcheological importance are well-controlled and good to live and work in, according to my contacts, so in answer to dearieme, I suggest you become a palaeoanthropologist. The rest is paperwork.

  7. The breakdown of society and the civil unrest and violence would be most interesting to observe. From afar.

    Why “from afar” (wherever that might be)?

    Provided one has a GPMG and enough ammunition a holiday in a war zone might be quite fun.

  8. Slightly more seriously: The figures show that 17% of Independent Schools “failed” to jump through these nitpicking hoops. What was the proportion of state sector schools that failed and on what grounds?

    If we were given those figures I suspect we’d find that the taxpayers were paying for more failure and on much more serious issues.

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