Why we want immigration

Someone\’s got to pay the debt….

7 thoughts on “Why we want immigration”

  1. You don’t think we’ve had enough immigration already then? Maybe you don’t see the problems from Portugal.

  2. Not necessarily immigration, surely; just some growth in population. (Actually, a growth in productive population, relative to parasitical.) A fertility rate of ~2.2 (depending on the debt to GDP ratio) and zero immigration would also suffice.

  3. As David points out, one needs the right sort of immigrants for this to work*.

    Wealthy, innovative and productive migrants are fine. Dole scrounging welfare cases are not.

    *Kindly note I do not subscribe to the BeanPea definition of “right”.

  4. No, someone does not need to “pay the debt”. When govt liabilities (e.g. gilts) mature, it just replaces them with non-interest bearing liabilities, i.e. cash/reserves. Debit one account and credit another. Simples.

    Furthermore, it should be obvious that after netting, govt liabilities are public wealth–if you really want to “pay the debt” you effectively want to destroy the private sector’s stock of net financial assets.

  5. We could massively increase the productive population without any net immigration. Massively reduce the scope of government, fire all the surplus workers, don’t give any benefits to the work shy, and hey presto, the productive workforce has just jumped in size.

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