However, there is one additional appointment that could be made – a minister for de-legislation, with the specific task of hunting down and repealing laws that have failed to work or have simply made people\’s lives worse, not better.

I\’ll make an offer: I\’ll join any political party at all (yes, really, SWP this is your chance to recruit me) that appoints me to that job.

You\’ve got to have that job within your grasp before I\’ll join of course…..which lets me out from having to join any number of entirely ghastly parties (yes, SWP, BNP of course, etc).

But yes, that would be perhaps the most enjoyable job possible in government. Yes, even more so than Home, Chancellor or PM…because of course those offices should be used to do exactly the same thing anyway.

4 thoughts on “Works for me”

  1. One of the only times I would suggest or support enabling legislation would be to empower such a minister for de-legislation to repeal by proclamation.

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