Yes, it\’s Europe again

Concerning this:

THE government has signalled that it plans to cut the drink driving limit to less than a pint of beer or a glass of wine.

Lord Adonis, the transport secretary, expects an official review of the law to recommend reducing the legal limit from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 50mg.

Note this:

The drink-drive changes — which would not require new legislation — would bring Britain into line with almost all other European countries, which have a limit of either 50mg or 20mg.

Yes, it\’s all part of a driove to \”bring us in line with Europe\”. Yes, there have indeed been discussions at EU level to make the limit the same everywhere.

The only problem of course is that this equality is going the wrong way.

You can have two methods of dealing with what I agree is a real problem. You can have a limit which clearly delineates those drunk from those not. The current couple of pints sort of level. And then back it up with serious, even draconian, penalties. Roughly the UK system at present,

You can have a much lower limit, that single glass of wine one, and much lighter penalties. Roughly the system being suggested.

We might even say that yes, everyone should be moving to the same system. OK, now the important question is, which is the best system?

Given that the UK roads are some of the safest in Europe, given that the rate of deaths caused by drunk driving is lower here than elsewhere, everyone should be adopting our system, yes? The one that reduces the problem the most?

Buit we\’re not doing that, are we?


5 thoughts on “Yes, it\’s Europe again”

  1. One of the differences between British and continentals is that British people are far more likely than continental people to think that obeying the law is a moral imperative. This arose because British law has largely been in accord with the thoughts of the people.
    Sadly the British are being slowly forced away from that view by the increasing idiocy of the law.
    Fining someone for driving on a half of shandy is not going to be regarded as sensible, so the law will cease to be self enforcing- resulting in the law as a whole being brought into disrepute as well as an increase in drunken driving.

  2. Will our Government reduce penalties along with the reduced level of alcohol e.g. not all EU countries ban drivers who exceed the 50mg limit. I have suspicians that they will not and that will bring trouble.

  3. Because the Germans have finally won.

    Third time lucky.

    Very clever to recognize that they did not get defeated by British skill at arms but rather British skill at politics then to study and surpass that skill. The Germans now know that money spent on politics and politicians is better than money spent on tanks and artillery.

    You Brits are so screwed.

  4. It will enable them to criminalise even more of us.

    The 80 mg limit was chosen for good scientific reasons.It was found that accident levels reduced – to less than the 0 mg level – towards 80mg, before starting to rise again. So they are now going to penalise people for being safer than tee-totallers!

  5. I’d like to know whether mister_choos can back up his assertion. The argument is a welcome one.

    Is there a convenient table somewhere in the UK gov pages that reports the consumption distribution across people who are breathalyzed (ugly word)? How many are on the cusp of 80mg or lower? How many are completely off their heads and would not be discouraged by a lower limit?

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