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Yes, they\’re stealing again

The government is to unveil radical proposals that would give football fans first option to buy their clubs when they were put up for sale and require clubs to hand over a stake of up to 25% to supporters\’ groups.

This is, quite simply, theft.

Liverpool, Arsenal, Man U, they\’re worth around the £400 million mark each aren\’t they? So the net effect of this is a forced transfer of some £100 million from those who currently have it to those who do not.

And yes, forced transfers of this kind can indeed be called theft, the law be damned.

12 thoughts on “Yes, they\’re stealing again”

  1. you’re right that there’s a little problem in a law that takes away 25% of the current owners’ property for nothing. my guess is that won’t fly under human rights rules, and anyway, it’s unjust and wrong. i love that the article says “dilute” instead of take.

    then there’s another – who’s a fan and why would some set of “fans” be privileged over others and who in government gets to say? if my “fan club” owns 25% of Man Utd, that’s a ton of money and it’ll need a full time CEO, which means a board, which means … you’ve just shifted your governance problems into two buckets not just one, and probably wind up overpaying cronies and time-servers whose interests will immediately be different from those of the “fans” they’re supposed to represent. what will the “fans” do with 25% of the profits of a well-run club? And why on earth does the government think they’re “local” anymore, either? if i live in london can I be a liverpool fan? what about shanghai? finally, why just football? why not bowls, cricket and rugby, too?

    desperate, half-baked stuff. they think we’re idiots.

  2. this is far, far more pitiable than the cones hotline. I almost feel sorry for them, scraping away madly at the bottom of the barrel

  3. More fundamentally, why is the government getting involved at all? Could it possibly be that they want to get the votes of a few soccer fans who don’t like the way their favoured teams are managed?

  4. Can we assume the fans are going to be lumbered with 25% of all debts as the transfer of ownership takes place? I can’t see too many fans being happy with having to pay a couple of grand each once they become the proud, happy owners of their club. Oh, and Rooney wants paying this week, so cough up you lot. Madness.

  5. Its not exactly just to buy a club like Man U with debt and then force it to pay off your loans.
    I would have thought this was theft or fraud since it means buying things when you have n’t got any money . Sooner or later the guys in the green and yellow scarves are going to wake up to the wonders of capitalism beyond the narrow world of football.

  6. Buying votes with other peoples money? What, that nice nulabour? Nah! They wouldn’t do anything like that, would they?

  7. They don’t need to make that Atlas Shrugged movie thats been on the cards for decades, we are living it for real. And we know how it ends too.

  8. The Conservatives invented the trick of buying the homeowner vote by taking the tax (Schedule A) off homeownership and propping up house prices come what may.The other parties have followed suit:they could n’t then be seen as nasty to homeowners could they?So Homeownerism was born: a political philosophy for lazy politicians who can concentrate on fiddling their expenses
    and getting private sinecures when they pack Parliament in.The whole thing is more corrupt than pre-1832: at least they used their own money then and the electors got pissed( on port in Northants where they threw bottles of claret back in disgust.)

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