A bit laddish, yes

But is this really \”sexual discrimination\”?

A female investment banker is accusing Citigroup of sexual discrimination after colleagues allegedly joked about starting a sweepstake to bet how much baby weight she would gain during pregnancy.


5 thoughts on “A bit laddish, yes”

  1. How handy, no doubt she is due a massive hand out if she wins. Milking the system is now name of the game. Thanks Labour, your laws are an open cheque for the greedy and a handy bullying tool to gain unfair advantage for the undeserving.

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  3. No, of course not.

    But I suspect, when she consulted a lawyer, the response was the same as the old accountant’s joke where the punchline is a whispered ‘What figure did you want it to be?’

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  5. More to the point, it’s clear from the Telegraph piece that she’s suing Citi because (she alleges) the bank unreasonably demoted her and didn’t pay the bonuses that her work justified, and did this because she’s a woman.

    The stuff about baby weight, dirty jokes, etc is relevant because it helps the court determine whether her division at Citi had the kind of culture where someone might get unreasonably demoted and not paid bonuses for being a woman – not because there’s any suggestion she should get compo for it directly.

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