Campaigning Rees Moggs

Fun that The Times (where Papa was for many years editor) has quite such a go at Jacob Rees Mogg. They also mention Annunziata…..

I should declare perhaps a mild interest. There are many Rees Moggs and two of them were at school with me. Having said that no, I\’ve not met the two standing. All I really know about them is the following:

Annunziata once wrote a piece for the Telegraph which introduced the entirely new to me disease of sclerosis of the liver.

Jacob, when interviewed by Vicki Woods at about age 15 wanted to show her his share portfolio.

You can make up your own minds about whether the good folk of rural somerset deserve them or not*.

* If I had stood for UKIP in this GE then I would have angled for exactly that seat, Somerset NE (pretty much the old Wansdyke constituency I think?) purely on the grounds that the good folks of NE Somerset deserve pretty much anyone else than Jacob. But then that\’s just me being mean.

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