Economics simply explained

Within minutes of the argument toppling over, Guardian editor Peter Mandelson was seen scrabbling over the smoking rubble and attempting to rebuild it while mumbling, \’employers know nothing about employing people\’ over and over again.

Meanwhile Wayne Hayes, some arsehole from Stevenage, said: \”I have been trying like a bastard to get my head round this idea that a national insurance cut will take money out of the economy.

\”So I started to think really hard about what the economy is and I came to the conclusion that it\’s actually me and everyone else. Together we are \’the economy\’. D\’you see?

\”So if the government gives money back to me that means the money is going into the economy not out of it. The money just goes from one place to another, it doesn\’t disappear – unless of course I put it all on some piece of shit horse and then lose it, which I probably will because I\’m such an arsehole.

\”But that\’s still okay because then the bookie gets the money and now he can spend it on things – though knowing him it\’ll just be loads of booze and whores – but even then the brewery and the skank will have the money.

\”So the money still exists, in the economy, it\’s just that it\’s gone from me to a bookie to a skank.

\”I worked that out all by myself, by the way.\”

3 thoughts on “Economics simply explained”

  1. If you increase NI or decrease NI the money stays in the economy. The real argument is should the public sector spend it or the private sector. Labour want it to prop up non-jobs the Conservatives want it to boost wealth creation or at least not deter wealth creation. Every ones choice come election time is which do they want.

  2. Well, with the Devil’s Kitchen authoring DM articles, they are bound to be witty and erudite. And sweary.

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