Labour will force foreign workers to speak English

That\’s not actually legal. You\’re not allowed to test people from other EU countries in that manner. If they\’ve got the correct professional qualifications the free movement of labour means you cannot impose further tests.

All public sector workers will be expected to speak English

And that\’s simply insane. You mean we don\’t already insist upon that?

4 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. So what about public sector “workers” from EU countries?

    The sensible route is to ignore any “one size fits all” solution and use a bit of common sense. If a council wants to employ a Greek street sweeper, the only professional qualification required is “knowing which end of a shovel to hold”, and language is largely irrelevant. The same is not the case for all public sector posts.

    Why not simply employ on the basis of suitability? (Yeah, I know; silly question. Quotas, diversity, discrimination, blah.)

  2. Actually, I wonder how much this new unenforcable promise is feeding off the newspaper headlines.

    Wasn’t there something about the NHS having to spend wodges of taxpayer money on remedial English lessons for foreign staff just a day or so ago?

  3. All together now. Join me in a rousing chorus of Brown’s favourite song:

    “British jobs for British workers”

    I think he’s tried and failed to play this card before.

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