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Fancy that

Sales of organic food, drink and other products slumped by 12.9% in the UK last year as producers battled against a downturn in consumer demand and the worst trading climate for 20 years, new figures reveal today. Cost-conscious shoppers turned their backs most decisively on organic fruit, vegetables, meat and bread, where the price differential with the non-organic equivalent has traditionally been the biggest.

Organic food is a luxury good.

1 thought on “Fancy that”

  1. So, in English, “times is ‘ard” so belts need to be tightened…….discretionary purchases go first.

    All organic food is a lot more expensive than similar non-organic products but, really, tastes no different… it was always more a status/image/lifestyle purchase than anything else. It’s completely non-esssential. So it’s been chopped to keep the shopping bills down. Quelle surprise.

    I hope The Graun didnt spend too much on that stunning piece of reporting. If they want any more pieces like that one, just let me know. I could use a few quid.

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