Germain Greer shagged Frederico Fellini you know

Germaine Greer has revealed that she had a fling with the film director Federico Fellini.

She was a goer you know. No, really, she wasn\’t always an old bag. Most important that we all remember this. Germaine could have (and possibly did have) any man she wanted.

Next week, revelations that she \’ad a Beatle in the back of \’er cab once.

6 thoughts on “Germain Greer shagged Frederico Fellini you know”

  1. According to the link “Dream comes true for Ross County” which may have been true of their view on Greer but it isn’t mentioned in the linked article.

    Tim adds: Err, yes, corrected.

  2. Here in New Zealand, one of our best-known poets says of one of our best-known female journalists, not quite our equivalent of Germaine Greer but close, that she is famous for having fucked a dead Beatle.

    The band was here in June 1964. She would have been 17, if that. John Lennon was 23.

    And now she is really conservative. Fancy that.

  3. Why does The Times think I have the slightest interest in who GG had between her legs in the 1960s or 70s?

    Or are they just trying to poach readers from The Sun?

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