Half true perhaps

\”Many psychologists, many psychiatrists have demonstrated there exists no relationship between celibacy and paedophilia,\” Bertone told a Santiago news conference during a visit to Chile. \”But many others have demonstrated, and have told me recently, that there is a link between homosexuality and paedophilia. This is true, this is the problem,\” he said.

Attraction to children is not driven by not getting sex elsewhere, this is true. But then neither is an attraction to grown men indicative of an attraction to children either.

Unless you want to get all Greek about it (sorry!):

There were boys (paides), beardless youths (ephebes) and men (bearded by default).

And say that since all three would be same sex sex then they\’re all forms of homosexuality. You might even stretch it a touch further and argue that bearded men (ie, mature men) can be attracted to ephebes, in the same way that hetero mature men are attracted to teenage girls. But that\’s still a leap to paides.

2 thoughts on “Half true perhaps”

  1. “Attraction to children is not driven by not getting sex elsewhere, this is true.”

    Is it true? It’s an old belief that no available women leads to men looking elsewhere. We have clichés about men in prison, boarding schools or country guys and their live-stock. But is there any research?

  2. There is a traditional subconscious mindset, which has not yet unravelled, and it is prevalent among men and women. We are inherently more confident about men who have a live-in relationship with a woman, and we are more comfortable that such men will have only platonic and wholesome relationships with unrelated children. Maybe because SHE is there to keep everything right. Maybe because we regard heterosexual unions as some kind of certificate of conformity for the menfolk involved.

    Even after Rose West, and Myra Hindley.

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