Chief Exec of Oxfam talks about aid.

We have been through seven Prime Ministers and countless development ministers since the promise was first made in 1970, yet it is only now that all three main parties are committed to giving legal force to the promise to give 7p in every £10 of the UK’s national income to the world’s poorest.

She mixes and matches her arguments. For example, the charitable giving to Sport Relief is evidence that we Brits are willing to give aid. Which is true, of course.

But the 0.7% is a pledge purely for governmental aid, not for charitable giving. Something she doesn\’t mention.

Given that Oxfam is one of the major conduits for that governmental aid, truly amazing that she uses the willingness to provide aid individually as proof that aid taken by force through the tax system is justified.

5 thoughts on “How amazing”

  1. If someone you knew had credit card debts equivalent to their annual salary, and they were handing out money to every beggar they passed on the street, you’d tell them to stop being so bloody stupid and pay off their own debts before thinking about giving money away to other people. So why are all three main parties committing themselves to increased guilt payments to the underdeveloped? Don’t they have any sense of responsibility ?

  2. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Why are the main parties committed to any payments at all?

    I don’t give any money to Oxfam because of their odious political opinions. So naturally they take it at gunpoint, and still have the effrontery to call themselves a charity, instead of the gang of armed thugs they are.

  3. “Oxfam is one of the major conduits for that governmental aid”

    Hardly a surprise. They are one of the ‘chosen few’ allowed to obtain government contracts for international aid projects from DFID.

  4. Could easily be mistaken for the behaviour of shameless rent-seeking toe-rags. But we mustn’t be uncharitable must we?
    Why not I ask, charity begins at home, so I shall donate to myself in future; I deserve it.

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