My word, what a surprising thing Mr. Redwood!

Mr Farage is himself standing against the independent Speaker, himself a former Conservative Eurosceptic. This is against the convention of the UK democracy Mr Farage sometimes claims to hold dear. More importantly it means Mr Farage himself, the most newsworthy of the UKIP slate, is not taking the fight to a leading federalist MP and putting him on the spot as to why he has sold the UK down the river and done so much damage to our democracy by giving away so much power. Surely UKIP should be tearing into Lib Dem and Labour federalists who led the charge to damage our democracy by such huge transfers of decision making? Why isn’t Mr Farage standing against Mr Cable, for example?

Judge people by their actions. Mr Farage and his party are just another anti Conservative party. They are not furthering the cause of Uk democracy and independence with their interventions in this UK General election.

Party partisan politician attacks party partisan politician for said second party partisan politician standing for election in a seat he thinks he can win.

Film at 11.

(The decision of Mr. Redwood to stand for Wokingham rather than Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath is of course motivated by entirely different considerations. Oh yes.)

3 thoughts on “My word, what a surprising thing Mr. Redwood!”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Quite. In order to safeguard democracy, people with non-standard opinions should not be allowed to stand for election.

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  3. Well, the (perfectly valid) point is that the nominally anti-EU Farage is standing against another anti-EU candidate, rather than against a pro-EU candidate. Even if he defeats the Eurosceptic, there’s no Eurosceptic gain.

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