National Citizen Service

If they make this compulsory, as I have no doubt they will do, I\’m going to have to go and have children just so they can jail me when I refuse to let them be kidnapped by it.

Yes, the current wife will be mightily pissed off at such a turn of events but a man\’s gotta do what a man\’s gotta do.

The Tories, causing divorce.

15 thoughts on “National Citizen Service”

  1. It gets even better than that:

    Cameron appears to be an avid Alinsky fan and wants to ‘organise us all’ Obama/Maoist style, whilst mangeling Lady Thatcher’s famous ‘There is no society” speech like the true lefty that he is.

    The Tories losing this election is starting to look like the lesser evil 🙁

    There will be plenty more dangerous national-socialist style lunacies where this one comes from…

  2. Well Michael, he isn’t talking about this kind of organising:

    But if you prefer(and to avoid Godwin’s law), we can also compare it to the FDJ, the youth organisation of the East German Communist state, which gave us Angela Merkel and also produced one IM(stasi spy) for every 50 citizens of the DDR. (happy now?)

    Even if the org is ‘good’ — how long before it it’s taken over by a small cabal of fools with ‘good intentions’?

  3. If it were made compulsory, would that not be in contravention of the recently passed law outlawing slavery and forced labour?

  4. Another astonishingly stupid idea, where are they getting them from. Earlier today on “ComHome” another clown was calling for “equality” in everything, by government decree as well. Ah well, another lot of votes gone, Cameron really does not want to win?

  5. Another brilliant idea to extend Biggumment. This time downwards to 16 year olds. Oh, and how will their ‘comunities’ react to being told how to behave by a bunch of socially committed hoodies, on pain of being reported for non-compliance. Lamp posts growing strange fruit, perhaps?

  6. Kick back and watch them tie themselves in notes about how to make it “compulsory but voluntary”, as it will end up being spun.

    Interestingly, i heard Ken Livingstone saying something very similar recently. So obviously it’s a bad idea.

  7. What is the successful US community organising group that David Cameron keeps on referring to?

    It couldn’t be ACORN by any chance?

    Has Dave looked at what ACORN is really like?

    A similar group in this country would soon be co-opted by the left.

  8. Dave, it is called ACORN. It’s power is somewhat weakened after that one guy did an undercover investigation regarding prostitution, plus their ineffectiveness in the Massachusetts and New Jersey elections. Expect Soros to stick his head in your neck of the woods if the Tories have their way, assuming his wrinkled old ass isn’t dead by that point.

  9. Coincidentally, from Harry’s Place:




    The Times, August 31, 1939

    …. In spite of what left wing and others say, is there not more ideological sympathy between Communism and Nazism that between Communism and the democratic outlook of the British Empire, France and the United States? The similarities between Communism and Nazism are many and important. Here is a list of some:-
    (5) Both believe in the right compulsorily to employ people on public works, if necessary far from the places where they live….”

  10. I used to know this guy fairly well (Tim Laughton) before he became a politico. But it never ocurred to me that he’d be this sort of statist: he always seemed in his youth to be on the liberal side of conservatism, although dangerously attracted to the more “Prussian” aspects of social control.

  11. Oh dear. We gotta birther on the loose. The reason you can’t tell the difference between communism and nazism is that, as you can see from the times report on the hitler – stalin pact, there was no difference between the two.
    It’s believing that stalin was a communist is where you’re mistaken. The closest we can see nowadays to actual communism is, ironically, in the kibbutzim in fascist israel.

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