On that nuclear smuggling

Georgian sources said the highly-enriched uranium – HEU – was intercepted in a sting operation carried out by the Tbilisi authorities in March without international assistance. They said the uranium was more than 70% enriched. The exact analysis is expected in a few days, but it appears to have been pure enough to use in a crude nuclear weapon.

The amount seized was small, measured in grams, so nowhere near the 25kg minimum needed for a functioning bomb,

Quite. There never has been a case when someone has presented an amount sufficient to do more than poison a few people*. Doesn\’t mean there never will be of course but all the tales of nuclear smuggling, black markets in nuclear materials, are just this. Tiny amounts, research amounts, not anything close to bomb making amounts.

* There are easier ways of poisoning people than trying to use uranium, HEU or not.

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