On the right wingness of the BNP

I go to the Cherry Tree pub to wait for Griffin, who is giving a press conference. The drinkers come out to talk. They are all ex-Labour, now BNP. \”It\’s housing, schools, hospitals and jobs, not colour,\” says one man. \”I believed in Old Labour but not New Labour. They have failed in this borough.\”

Hmm, don\’t sound all that right wing to me.

5 thoughts on “On the right wingness of the BNP”

  1. A glance at the policies of the BNP will reveal them as LEFT wing.

    Doesn’t matter, of course. You will now get scads of lefties appearing to deny this and claim that they are right wing because of one of their policies.

  2. A glance at the policies of the BNP will reveal them as LEFT wing.

    Agreed. Now, if someone would just like to point it out to the BBC….. 🙂

  3. It’s a nice ,easy, lefty label to accuse the BNP of being right wing – and then if anyone Tory even hints that maybe they might think about one day possibly contemplating discussing immigration, out can come the shouts of “right wing racist”, “just like the BNP” etc etc.

    But the politics of the left is at least as racist as anything the right has ever produced. Just remember that Hitler was a member of the National SOCIALIST Party and was a man of the left. His mate Stalin was also pretty keen on eliminating “minorities” and was also anything but a right winger.

    The left should keep its collective mouth shut on this topic and allow a reasoned debate to occur.

  4. It really just shows that the terms “left wing” and “right wing” don’t adequately represent political thought these days. Each “side” uses them to take a cheap swipe at the other.

    The so-called left-wing-ness of socialism and the so-called right-wing-ness of racism are both collectivist in nature; they treat every person as no more than a representative of a group. Each is as offensive as the other.

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