Political judo

Some of our most successful private sector companies operate a pay multiple, meaning that the highest paid person doesn\’t earn more than a certain multiple of the lowest paid. We will ask the review to consider how to introduce a pay multiple so that no public sector worker can earn over 20 times more than the lowest paid person in their organisation.


So, all those like Compass etc who have been calling for a high pay commission or a maximum rate of pay are now presented with the Tories giving them what they say they desire.

Which is a lovely little piece of political judo. They\’ll now have to, if they wish to oppose this, tie themselves in knots to explain why what they\’ve been calling for shouldn\’t happen…even if it\’s the private sector they were really after in the first place.

6 thoughts on “Political judo”

  1. ‘ang on! The minimum wage is what? 15 or 16 grand pa? Now, obviously the public sector cannot pay less than that. But 20 times the minimum wage is still 300,000 per annum.

    Do the Tories really think jumped up town clerks and hospital admin managers deserve 300k plus perks?

    Do the public?

  2. Yeah, I can’t really see this being a problem for such groups to accept.

    Are you not workingfor UKIP anymore?

    Tim adds: No, it was only ever up to the euro elections of last year. Still a member and supporter but not an employee.

  3. I rushed here to say exactly what Remittance Man said.

    Orwell’s suggestion was a multiple of 10, which still sounds generous for protected drones in the public “service”.

  4. Min wage is £5-80/hr, so for 37 hr week thats around £215/week before tax, or £11200ish. So max wage for public sector would be around £225K not £300K. There’s plenty of people on the public teat paid more than that. Head of the BBC for example. What about the head of Royal Mail? Many council Chief Execs get that or more.

    Of course one side effect could be to make young people unemployable in the public sector as their min wage is only £3-57/hr or under £7K/year. That would cut the bosses pay to £140K. Can you imagine what would happen to some low level manager who took on a trainee aged 16 on min wage and thus condemned the Chief Exec to a massive pay cut?

  5. I think that Andy Coulson should be paid a wage multiple of the lowest earning Conservative party workers. I suggest 100 times the salary of an unpaid intern but double the expenses.

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