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Protectionist arguments that don\’t stack up

Second, the total balance of trade deficit went from (0.9 billion to 0.2 billion). In other words, the United States was losing less money because of Smoot-Hawley. It was in aggregate better off.

(From an organisation called \”Citizens for Immigration Control\” via email)

Imports are going shopping. Exports are simply the shit that we do so we can go shopping.

So, doing less shit so that we can go shopping less makes us better off does it?

3 thoughts on “Protectionist arguments that don\’t stack up”

  1. At the below average levels of the human spectrum of ability, there is no ‘free trade in labour’, unless you want to bring back slavery and trade low ability people internationally as and where they can be employed profitably.

    Our high taxes and resulting exorbitant cost of living prices a lot of less capable people out of life at the moment, in that respect, Globalism is as bad as Communism and Socialism — looks great on paper, and is awful in reality.

    The quality of a tailor is defined by what they can do for their fattest customer — maybe the quality of a capitalist is defined by what they can do for the least able people in their community — what would Henry Ford do?

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