Shock headline!

Clubbers continue to use mephedrone despite ban

After all, no one uses heroin because it\’s now banned, no one smokes dope, crystal meth consumption is zero, cocaine never graces the nostrils of would be politicians and booze consumption in the US was entirely nothing throughout the 1920s.

6 thoughts on “Shock headline!”

  1. The Great Simpleton

    Except now they are paying towards the profits of gangsters for a product of even more dubious quality.

  2. I suspect the ban was a sad attempt to get young people interested in politics. Honest, I’ve seen more debating in the past few weeks than ever before. True, the topic’s “how should we punish them” but, hey, it’s a start

  3. But at least “something has been done”!!

    Never mind the fact that only a small percentage of users will stop, or the fact that legitimate traders have lost business and organised crime will be gaining new sources of revenue, or that policing costs will rise and focus on important crime will be lost in favour of persuing plant food addicts, or the fact the the chemists in China (or your local garden centre or wherever) are already designing the next legal drug to push our way. None of that is important…..because something has been done.

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