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Jesus certainly picked a bad time of year to die, why do all his main life events appear to coincide with bank holidays?

9 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. My young daughter:
    “Daddy, didn’t Jesus die on Good Friday?”
    “Poor him, he missed his Easter eggs.”

  2. And he only gets one present on his birthday.

    A friend who attended King’s College Cambridge related the custom of his College to telephone Jesus College on Christmas morning. When the phone was answered – “Hello, this is Jesus” – the caller would sing “Happy Birthday”.

  3. Immortal line from “Till Death Us Do Part”:
    Alf: “‘course, when Mary an’ Joseph got to Bethlehem, there weren’t no room at the inn, was there?”
    Silly Old Moo: “Well of course not. It was Christmas. Everywhere’s busy at Christmas”

  4. Old, old joke. “Jesus had no luck with PR, born and died only the only two days of the year there aren’t any newspapers”.

  5. These remarks are as sophisticated as the observation that a remarkable number of famous battles seem to have occurred on or near National Trust car parks . . . . .

  6. Jim:

    Over here, we’ve followed the pattern in fighting almost every major battle (both the Revolution and Civil War) on national park property.

    At Gettysburg, I’ll have you know, despite the intensity of the battle and the number of lives lost, commanders on both sides managed their forces so skillfully that not a single one of the monuments or gravestones was so much as even nicked by a bullet. Truly remarkable!

  7. Or as an Afrikaaner freind once put it:

    “Those voortrekkers were bloody stupid. Four years it took them to get from Cape Town to Jo’burg by ox wagon. If they’d waited a hundred and fifty years they could have done it in 18 hours straight up the N1 in a car.”

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