Solving all those racial problems

The British regard people of mixed race as the most attractive and successful, say psychologists.

All we\’ve got to do is wait a few generations. At which point there won\’t be any \”races\” to have any problems about.

14 thoughts on “Solving all those racial problems”

  1. Great except certain groups prefer to import spouses, rather than get anywhere near the natives.

    If we were really a melting pot, it would work just as you say.

  2. I guess gentlemen really do prefer brunettes, then.

    However, the consequential elimination of blondes and redheads in favour of a uniform coffee-coloured dark haired people won’t rid us of cultural differences.

  3. Well lets hope SETI does not find someone out there another bunch of immigrants from another planet and back to square one.

    Personally I prefer blonds so if the aliens are blond then I say bring it on.

  4. Provided of course that there is not any significant immigration during the next few generations. There will be- if only because certain sections of the political arena need a constant supply of victims to espouse.

  5. I rather doubt you’re a Warren Beatty fan, but the line from Bulworth goes, “Everybody just gotta keep fucking everybody ’til they’re all the same color.”

    words to live by.

  6. I wonder how selective these scientists were when they chose their examples for people to express preferences.

    I’ll readily admit that there are ladies of mixed descent whom YHC finds decidedly comely, but without wishing to sound rude, we should remember not all mixes produce sums better than their constituent parts.

    One unfortunate group that springs to mind are the coloured Namibians descended from unions between German Schutztruppe NCOs and native ladies too …. erm …. plump …. to escape their attentions. That was definately not a mix of genes made in Beauty Pageant heaven.

  7. As everyone goes coffee coloured, the outliers (those very dark or very light) may become highly sought after as mates. Also, some ethnic groups may work hard(er) to retain some sort of (dubious) “purity”.

  8. This is currently all nonsense.
    If you check the prices charged by ‘escorts’ in London – it is blond and white as a first choice all the way.
    Otherwise it is pc propaganda.

  9. I think you need to look at actions rather than words. What kind of women do rich and successful males, from city millionaires to Premiership footballers, go for ?

    (Steve Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism – The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.)

  10. A passing accquaintance with pornography would soon disabsue anyone of the idea that men (all men) dont prefer blondes over all other women.

    For instance; interracial porn means primarily black men and white women.

    Porn featuring white men and black women doesnt figure at all, it really is all but non-existent. (I looked into that for nostalgic reasons, being a white bloke who used to go out with a black girl)

    I find that more persuasive than some suspect survey.

  11. Bruce at 9:

    Also, some ethnic groups may work hard(er) to retain some sort of (dubious) “purity”.

    You gotta love that — those who’d like merely to survive smeared with as pseudo-scientific race-purists.

  12. All we’ve got to do is wait a few generations. At which point there won’t be any “races” to have any problems about.

    Real world translation:

    All we’ve got to do is keep forcibly race-replacing the Europeans. And eventually, there’ll be no Europeans to complain about their being race-replaced. (Damned racists, wanting their race to survive).


    Not just idiotic, Tim, evil.

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