That election explained in full

Damn them all, these ballot lice with their jiggery-pokery of compassion and their pimping for virtue on the stump. The greater common good should get one where it will do some good. And here\’s another for those who say they care-something for them to care about that\’s big, shoe shaped and black and blue. To hell (and a job in the private sector) with the lot of them. Politics is the work of parasites, condescending parasites at that. We are being patronised by our own ear mites and liver flukes.

Amazing how PJ O\’Rourke in 1995 could describe a British election in 2010 quite so well really, isn\’t it?

4 thoughts on “That election explained in full”

  1. Absolutely, Obo; he’s an astonishingly penetrating observer of humanity in all our hypocrisy and idiocy.

    Maybe dismissing him as funny stops people having to think about whether he’s right…

  2. Most people shriek that he’s “too right wing” to consider that he is as critical of the right as he is the left. Plus, if they acknowledged he was right, they’d simultaneously shit themselves.

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