The Cleggymoon is over

At least, the Telegraph has gone on the attack. Slightly iffy (although fully declared) expenses, he was a lobbyist in Brussels and he once said that the Brits were triumphalist about WWII. Oh, and we should legalise brothels.

Certainly two sensible things he\’s said there.

Wonder how much will stick….

4 thoughts on “The Cleggymoon is over”

  1. Legalisation of Brothels has good points. forced prostitution can be more easily controlled and once legal can be part of the tax system.
    I haven’t seen enough of the espose on Cleggy’s rather outre method of paying his staff to have an opinion but would observe that it sounds a bit like Gordon’s window cleaning dodge, only more so.
    As for delivering the world from the ambitions of two forms of socialism in the last 60 years, I think that we have every right to be proud of our achievement, and the citizens of southern France and eastern Europe are still quietly grateful to us.

  2. Ditto on the legal brothels. The fact that it would cause mass head explosions in the ranks of the feminist lobby being the icing on the cake… 😉

  3. Another question about Nick Clegg: Is he receiving now, or will he receive in the future, a pension or any other financial benefit from the EU, related to his past employment in the EU commission and as a MEP? Like Peter Mandelson, Leon Brittan, the Kinnocks, etc, is he serving in the British parliament while being paid by a foreign government?

    Tim adds: Certainly, he would have a (miniscule) pension from his days as a eurocrat. He would also have an MEP one. But the MEP one is not subject to the same rules about having to uphold the interests of the EU to get it.

    He’s certainly not now being paid….unlike Mandy who is currently.

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