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The GAO does rare earths

Umm, oh dearie me. This report.

Page 11. Promethium is used in portable X Ray units.

Err, no, it ain\’t. The general consensus is that at any one time there\’s about 40 grammes of promethium on the planet. Because it\’s a radioactive element with a short half life and is only produced as part of the breakdown of higher (or heavier) radioactive elements.

It ain\’t used for nuffink.

The rest of the \”uses\” of other rare earths given aren\’t much better. And this is why government is crap at doing things. People who don\’t know anything, the politicians, are being briefed by those who know very little.

We, out in the market, however know different. We\’ve that distributed knowledge that actually makes things work. For example, one RE mentioned there has a minor use….but the reason the price is soaring, people are scrambling to increase supply, is it\’s essential for fuel cells.  This ain\’t mentioned by those wise people who rule us: because they don\’t have the knowledge to do the ruling they think they can do.

2 thoughts on “The GAO does rare earths”

  1. Pm used to be used in luminous paint. Also it’s good for betavoltaic nuclear batteries.

    There might not be much naturally occurrung, but you can get a good deal of it out of nuclear waste.

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