Well George

George Monbiot asks how, when English politics is trapped in a neoliberal consensus, is green socialism able to flourish in Wales?

Because the Celtic fringe has always been more \”left wing\”, more communitarian, more socialist and even more social democratic than England.

I\’ve shouted about this for years….over the weekend we had Polly Toynbee saying that Britain was a \”naturally social democratic country\” and I\’m absolutely certain that it isn\’t. Wales might be, Scotland might be but I\’m pretty sure that England isn\’t.

This explains an awful lot about \”British\” politics as well. The EU is largely a social democratic entity. The oppostion is mainly in England with Wales and Scotland quite happy about it all. Etc, etc.

The reason the politics in the different parts of the UK is that the culture and people in the different parts are, well, different.

Not the most amazing of insights I know but all too many fail to note it.

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  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    “how, when English politics is trapped in a neoliberal consensus, is green socialism able to flourish in Wales?”

    Simple. The Welsh are spending. The English are paying.

  2. Philip Scott Thomas

    Wales had Methodism and Scotland had Presbyterianism, both of which lie at the root of Anglo-socialism.

  3. This makes sense if you look at history.

    The most significant influence on culture in England was Anglo-Saxon, but not a generic form of Anglo-Saxonism (if such an expression exists); if it was we’d be just as socially democratic as the Germans and the Danes.

    Instead the Anglo-Saxon influence in England came from a very specific, self-selecting subset of the Angle and Saxon nations – those seeking a better life and willing to accept the inherent risks and demands involved in achieving it. In other words the most entrepreneurial and dynamic of the species and which tack do entrepreneurial and dynamic types generally take? Why the starbord one, of course.

    It probably also explains why the English are more inclined to side with the US than either the Celts or the mainlanders – essentially they are the same as us.

  4. I remeber looking over a bunch of polls Reform had done & seeing that the scots averaged about 3% to the “left” of the UK average. Hardly a masive political shift then. The difference in electoral outcome is because of the electoral system but Labour have come no closer to getting a majority of votes in Scotland than the Tories ever did in England.

    The point on which Scots opinion was to the “right” of English was in calling for Corporation Tax cuts, since we had noticed how that had been the driving motor of Ireland’s free market Celtic Tiger – something the Westminster consensus has chosen to ignore..

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