Well, I\’ve spotted one….

Woolworths.co.uk have launched the world’s first ever calorie negative sweet – the Diet Cola Bottle.

The sweet, part of its Pic n’ Mix range, burns more calories when eating and digesting than the sweet actually contains.

Matthew Jacques, Head of brand at Woolworths.co.uk, says “The Diet Cola Bottle looks almost identical and tastes equally as good as the original cola bottle, but without the calories.”

Woolworths.co.uk has worked closely with health and nutritional expert Prof. A.Prilfoolius to develop the Diet Cola Bottle.

Maybe I\’m going through the papers too quickly….can\’t see another one. Unless that story about the Full English has seen all the papers cooperate on the same story.

Anyone seen any more?

This one is sorta a spoof and sorta not.

Specially trained ferrets are being used to deliver broadband to rural areas following groundbreaking techniques used by an Internet provider.

For when Cable and Wireless set out to wire up The City (in the early days of telecoms deregulation) they bought up the London Hydraulic Power Company (name??) and used ferrets to run the wires through the old power tubes.

8 thoughts on “Well, I\’ve spotted one….”

  1. Mr Eugenides has a nice collection of stories that would be, were the world not headed down the tubes at a frightening rate…

  2. There is of course the usual BMW Spoof advert in the Times (and maybe elsewhere) offering BMW Badges in your preferred electoral colour….

  3. I take it that your piece for LibCon is actually NOT an April Fool?

    Given that you, er, do actually believe those things?

    Tim adds: Sunny’s posting it today if the April Fool. It was part of Hagley Road’s “vote for us” series.

  4. I assume that the Times piece about Prince William helping to find an aboriginal skull is one. Isn’t it?

  5. At first I thought the one in the Telegraph about the Olympic Tower to rival the one in Paris was their contribution, but then I remembered just how badly the Olympics is being planned. I suspect the real AF article is the one about Queen Victoria’s stockings getting auctioned off for 700 quid. The final paragraph noting the sale also included Napoleon’s favourite pipe kinda gives it away.

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