Well, yes….

BEWARE that sunshine Sir, it\’s terrifyingly hot. And watch those pina coladas – they\’ll blow your socks off!

How shall we put this diplomatically… our embassy staff posted around the world are getting \”danger money\” for living in dream HOLIDAY RESORTS.

The money being lavished on pampered British diplomats is costing taxpayers thousands of pounds, the News of the World can reveal.

The list of well-trodden tourist spots where our brave ambassadors and staff can expect bonuses for risking their lives in flip-flops on a daily basis include glitzy Dubai, honeymoon hotspot Mauritius, tropical Caribbean islands, Thailand and Havana Cuba.

A bureaucracy is run for the benefit of those in hte bureaucracy so who could be surprised by this? It\’s just straight public choice economics.

Interesting factoid. The Royal Navy was paying danger money to officers posted to Washington DC at least until the 1970s. No, not to cover the danger of living among so many politicians, but to cover the risks of contracting yellow fever.

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