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What compensation rights?

Airlines, insurance companies, the Civil Aviation Authority and the European Union all reminded passengers of their compensation rights following today\’s cancellations.

Eh? Compensation for an Act of God? Which I assume a volcano blowing up and closing all air space counts as?

7 thoughts on “What compensation rights?”

  1. This ‘act of God’ thing though is not as widespread as people think, is it? I mean storm damage is obviously an insurable event. I think the point is more that no individual can be held responsible.

  2. Under Regulation 261/2004, feeding and overnight accommodation if you are in the middle of a trip, re-routing or refunding regardless. No right to the cash payouts because this counts as “extraordinary circumstances” …

  3. The Great Simpleton

    Surely this is a global warming event and as such is man made. Given that the evil airlines are a major cause of global arming they must have caused the eruption. Ergo, they should compensate passengers.

  4. “Methinks we have the eu to thank”

    The consequential ticket price increase is a drop in the ocean compared to Gordon Brown’s taxes. And in any case, if you’ve ever actually tried to claim on travel insurance for delays you’d be happy that the EU stepped in.

  5. Surely the UK Govt will compensate all UK travellers and airlines? And then try to reclaim the money off the Icelandic government.

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