Who could have seen this coming?

So, ratings agencies screwed up. Now they\’re being nasty about government borrowing. Therefore:

The creation of public agencies for corporate debt, and UN-based agencies for government debt should also be considered.

We\’re going to have the UN determine credit ratings for government debt?

Anyone see the problem with that? You know, a credit rating being determined on political grounds?

2 thoughts on “Who could have seen this coming?”

  1. Once we have that and a Global system, our wealth will be sucked away to the Kleptocratuc Centre at will.

    Cash will be outlawed ( witness moves to force banks to open accounts. Watch how we will be forced to have one) and gold too.

    The State is a monopoly, and when it becomes global, a civil war is no longer avoidable.

  2. So the numbers will be made up to fit a slightly different agenda by a different bunch of thieving incompetents.

    Hugely different to the current ‘system’?

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