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Your perspective, though, gets a bit skewed. Strangely, whereas all the best blogs in Britain veer towards the Right, all the most entertaining people on Twitter seem to veer towards the Left. I don’t think it’s just the people I follow.

Left-wing blogs become dreary and earnest, but right-wing tweets (aaaagh) are functional and dull. There’s a great human truth in here, I think. I just can’t figure out what it might be.

Err, that lefty thoughts are so banal they can be put into 140 characters while righty thoughts are more nuanced and balanced?

Because righties, being privately educated, can actually write?

That righties are verbose and cannot get their thoughts into 140 characters? That righties, being privately educated, cannot in fact write and get their thoughts into 140 characters?

And your thought on this is?

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  1. You can’t make money from Tweeting?

    Tim adds: Au contraire. A decent followers list (tens of thousands) can be very profitable indeed.

  2. The only way to stop a lefty being boring is to reduce the size of his message.

    Given a limitless character count, they all go Fidel Castro on us, hours of tedious marxism.

    As a righty, I still haven’t got twitter, is that significant?

  3. That Rifkind’s talking rot? Sure, I can’t stand these “best blogs in Britain” but the popular twits are just as bad. “BevaniteEllie” might be a treasure in person, but reading her feed’s like being slapped round the chops with a big, barbed Vote Labour sign.

  4. Is it because Twitter is banal and childish? The pick and mix of the web. Maybe because most grown-ups find it a waste of time?

    But could the real reason be that there’s not really room for criticism of Twitter posts (or am I mistaken). If lefties posted the kind of rubbish they deposit on Twitter on a blog, they would actually have to deal with critical, intelligent, comments? Sacre bleu…

  5. Rifkind’s just reading the wrong blogs. Probably concentrating on politics only blogs, and possibly just those written, at least ont he left, by the rump Labour support base.

    Most of the blogs I read are written by liberals, from left and right (hi Tim), and are normally fairly amusing.

    How anyone can read, for example, the secret diary of Millenium Dome, Elephant or Innerbrat, and say left leaning blogs are dreary and earnest, I don’t know.

    Mine is dreary and earnest, currently, but that’s because, y’know, candidate and agent, gotta behave myself. Also quite happy, not got enough rage to summon the vitriol.

  6. How anyone can read, for example, the secret diary of Millenium Dome, Elephant or Innerbrat, and say left leaning blogs are dreary and earnest, I don’t know.

    If they’re very right-wing?

    Wanders away; hands in pockets; whistling.

    Or, in fairness, if all they’ve read is Labour List and Left Forward Forward.

  7. Brevity is the soul of wit, and there’s a proven correlation between intelligence and liberalism? (not *leftyism* – but the more stupid someone is, the more likely they are to hate the darkies, favour bringing back hanging, want to ban the gays, etc).

  8. john b,

    I’m all for brevity to sum up succinctly what a problem is. But that isn’t what you get from Twitter. What you actually get on twitter is an observer’s simplistic view of the problem, summarised in a soundbite, frequently demonstrating their bias and ignorance.

    I’m on there and occassionally decide to reply about something. Most of the time, the people tweeting haven’t got a clue about what they’re saying.

  9. Heard an amusing quote from a friend, on Monday, I think: ‘I apologise for this letter’s length; if I had had more time, it would have been shorter.’

    Quite so. Skill, education, and intelligence frequently allow you to say more with less, rather than less with more. That being said, claiming that lefties lean to twitter because they’re smarter is just ridiculous.

    I think political blogs are borne out of frustration on the part of individual bloggers. Over the past decade in Australia, we saw more and more lefty bloggers emerging, fulminating – in their various ways – against the moderate-right Howard Government. In Britain I think we see the reverse – lots of healthy right-wing blogs fulminating against the Brown Government. This is probably quite a common pattern.

  10. Righties are independent thinkers and do not need to constantly broadcast and receive reassurance that their view of the world is still ok, lefties need to constantly check and correct their opinions to make sure it’s inline with what their peers are saying.

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